At WWDC19, Apple entered into another chapter in their struggles with getting Core Data to sync reliably. Is it a case of “third times a charm”, or more like “fool me twice”?

Full disclosure: I am the developer of Ensembles, a Core Data sync framework that works with many different services, including CloudKit, Dropbox, WebDAV, and even peer-to-peer. So I am certainly not unbiased when it comes to discussing sync frameworks. …

TL;DR When you pass data between threads, whether you are using value types or not, you can very easily run into undefined behavior with unexpected results.

When we first heard about Swift structs, and Apple was busy convincing us to adopt value types wherever possible, one of the main selling points was thread safety. When you work with a value type, it is like your own personal copy of the value, and you don’t have to…

Drew McCormack

Master of none. @drewmccormack

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