Cash Cow Revisited

The Cash Cow Model Explained

Agenda includes locked premium features, which become permanently unlocked after a purchase.
In the Cash Cow sales model, each customer has an unlock expiry date. This moves forward a year from any purchase, and permanently unlocks all premium features introduced before that date.

Happy Customers

App reviews and tweets tell us that customers appreciate the Agenda sales model.

The Cash in the Cow

Download numbers show only a small peak around the time of the release, and much larger numbers a few days later, when Agenda was featured.
Sales show a clear peak on the release date, and actually drop off somewhat when the app is featured. This points to out-of-license customers being tempted to pay by the new premium features.

Cash Cow vs Subscriptions

Release Planning

A Few Elephants

  1. Cash Cow will require us to rush in poorly developed features in order to keep people paying.
  2. It will be difficult to isolate features to make premium, without making the app unusable for customers in the free tier.
  3. Continually coming up with new features to drive sales will be difficult.

Long Live the Cash Cow



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