Here is what SwiftData will be (…and what it could have been)

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Core Data is not going anywhere

  • How do I make sure that there is only one copy of a particular object in memory?
  • How do I access enormous datasets without pulling everything into memory?
  • How do I make transactional updates to a set of objects?
  • How do I keep the data in memory up-to-date with what is on disk?
  • How can I make long running updates in the background, while my UI continues to use the same data store?
  • How do I merge in changes from other devices?

Learning from SwiftUI

SwiftData at WWDC2021

What it could have been

Decentralized stores will rule the earth

Why are we still waiting?





Master of none. @drewmccormack

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Drew McCormack

Drew McCormack

Master of none. @drewmccormack

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